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Have you ever responded to a request — to add a task to your already full plate, express grievances to the boss on behalf of the group, or cover for a co-worker — with a reluctant "no problem?" It might be because you've got a "no" problem. Learn how to confidently decline requests and assert boundaries in this empowering webinar featuring author and national speaker Candace Doby. Discover the psychological reasons behind the difficulty of saying "no" and gain insights into the essential elements needed to decline effectively without guilt or apology. Candace will also unveil seven practical strategies for courageously saying " no, " empowering you to manage your workload and relationships confidently and clearly. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your assertiveness and prioritize your well-being!

About the author: Candace Doby is the founder of The Can-Do Company. She is a leadership development strategist, author of A Cool Girl’s Guide To Courage, and professional speaker who works with organizations to create a culture of courage where employees spend less time and energy censoring and hiding themselves and more time performing at their highest potential. Candace combines a decade of research on courage with her experiences traveling the world solo and a 16-year, award-winning marketing career — much of which was spent leading teams at Chipotle. This unique combination equips her with the actionable strategies she has shared with leaders across the globe to help them courageously speak up, step up, and show up in the workplace. Her work has been featured on MSNBC, NPR, and TEDx. Candace is the creator of The Courage Hotline podcast and host of The Own Your Brilliance retreat.

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