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The Supply Chain Elements Webinar Series caters to individuals at various expertise levels, ranging from seasoned supply chain experts to freshly established business owners or professionals.Throughout this complimentary five-part series, participants will gain insights into both short-term and long-term supply chain perspectives.


Acquaint yourself with the terminology and concepts prevalent in the supply chain community. Explore how incorporating best practices can elevate your role within the supply chain and delve into growth areas that forecast the future landscape. This series seamlessly integrates familiar and innovative concepts, providing a foundation for businesses to contemplate, strategize, and thrive as integral suppliers in the evolving landscape.


In Session 3, we delve into the intricacies of seamlessly integrating your company with other links in the supply chain. Our exploration will take a detailed look at the specific elements of your operation, enabling you to leverage best practices and identify areas that may require improvement. Recognizing both strengths and weaknesses becomes crucial as you contemplate optimizing your operation’s position within local and global supply chains.


The session will unravel four key concepts influencing how you present yourself as a solution to prospective clients. Furthermore, we’ll strategize on determining the appropriate emphasis on each concept for a well-rounded approach.

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