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We may think memory is merely remembering someone’s name, where we put the car keys, or where we went on vacation five years ago. But, Dr. Charan Ranganath illuminates the profound significance of memory beyond mere recollection of the past in his recent book, Why We Remember: Unlocking Memory’s Power to Hold on to What Matters. Ranganath delves into cutting-edge research, unveiling memory's pervasive influence across various facets of our existence, from basic tasks like recalling names to complex processes such as decision-making and healing from trauma. In this illuminating webinar, Dr. Charan Ranganath, renowned neuroscientist, and psychologist, through accessible language and compelling examples, will reshape our understanding of memory, showcasing its transformative potential in shaping our perceptions, biases, and self-awareness. By harnessing this power, Ranganath suggests, we can enhance daily functioning, mitigate memory loss, and even embark on a journey of personal growth and healing. Raganath will offer insights that will empower us to navigate life with clarity and intention, ultimately enabling us to forge a happier and more fulfilling future.

About the Author: Charan Ranganath is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and director of the Dynamic Memory Lab at the University of California at Davis. For over 25 years, Dr. Ranganath has studied the mechanisms in the brain that allow us to remember past events using brain imaging techniques, computational modeling, and studies of patients with memory disorders. He has been recognized with a Guggenheim and Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship. He lives in Davis, California.

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